Services & Rates

Somatic Therapy

45 minutes: $150
90 minutes: $210

This service is for clients interested in an ongoing therapeutic relationship using a foundation of Transformative Touch.

Somatic Synergy | Rubenfeld Synergy | Transformative Touch | Mount Airy | Philadelphia

Somatic Therapy works by:

  • inviting your body into the conversation about your life’s experiences and how to best go about changing its habits. It has been with you your entire life and has vast wisdom to share.
  • offering gentle touch (even virtually) and guided sensory awareness to support your innate capacity to heal.
  • providing empathetic guidance to help you listen without judgment.
  • uncovering the underlying cause of discomfort and restriction: why it’s there, what purpose it serves, whether the original purpose is currently useful, and how the habit might be shifted

My role as somatic therapist is to be a guide and mirror. I help you discover what your body already knows about living your best life and reflect it back to you.


Sessions need not be in-person. I can support your ability to be in touch with your body from anywhere in the world.

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Internal Guidance System Check-In

60 minutes: $222
90 minutes: $333

Do you wonder how having access to the wisdom of your body supports your healing journey? Do you feel like something is missing from your other therapeutic practices? Do you need a gentle nudge to motivate your next steps? Somatic Therapy can boost other work you’re doing on the path to recover your authentic Self.

I refer to it as an “internal guidance system” because the body is like a compass. It can tell us where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and whether that direction is in alignment with an easeful life that serves the greatest good. It points to our authenticity and lets us know when we’re drifting away from it.

This is an introductory, stand-alone, or occasional service. Being curious is a wonderful and necessary aspect of being human. If you want to book an appointment because you know what you've read already resonates, this is the session for you. There is no judgment from me about trying new things and letting them go if they don't work out. You can even contact me for a free 20-minute "Resonance Consultation" to find out if we'd be a good match first.

During this type of session, bring any questions about what you sense is blocking your path forward. Even if you don’t have a clear picture of what the resistance is, I can help guide you to the place in your body where the resistance lives and support your hearing its message.

Demystifying the mystical is what I’ve always done on some level. The definition of a mystic is “one who seeks Truth beyond intellect.” I do my best to bring that Truth-seeking skill while removing the mysterious or esoteric elements. When things seem inexplicable or out-of-reach, we’re more likely to give up on the possibilities they offer.

At the same time, I welcome all spiritual and divination practices. They are tools that assist in our discovery of the Truth. They can give us a framework that supports our progress. Also, using them inefficiently can hold us back. Bringing the body’s wisdom into the conversation will show how best to utilize the tools in your toolbox. It's human nature to create stories about why and how things happen. You can rewrite those stories to make sure they're helping you live your best possible life.

Included in this service is a follow-up email from me within one week of our session together. I will send you a summary of the threads I noticed, any insights that became clear, some relevant self-awareness guidance, and a photo of any divination tools (e.g. cards) used. If you need further elaboration on what I've offered, follow-up questions (within reason) are welcome.

Self-Discovery Card Deck

I have created a deck of cards for use as a Self-Discovery tool. It is deceptively simple, has unlimited applications, and can be combined with a wide array of healing practices.

Self-Discovery card deck with box and QR Code to guidebook

The deck is available for purchase through Etsy: Deconstructed & Distilled Self-Discovery Deck

A guide for how to use the cards is available for download here: DDSDD Guidebooklet

Self-Discovery Tarot Card deck guidebook cover

Gift Certificates

Electronic gift certificates in various designs are available by clicking here.

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Traditional card gift certificates may be purchased by calling (267) 422-2254.

Can I pay with HSA/FSA?

I accept credit and debit cards through Square. Square works with any US-issued and most internationally-issued magstripe or chip cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo.

Square can also process Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards. For HSA/FSA payments, please check with your benefits administrator to make sure your sessions qualify for coverage.


Creating Anti-Racist Culture

This section is mainly directed at fellow non-melanated humans who strive to be allied and aligned anti-racist activists. When I say we/us, I am speaking as a person who is descended from European colonizers of the North American continent to other white-bodied people.  (Of course, all are welcome to witness.)

  • Diversity isn't about checking boxes.
  • Equity won't be achieved through equal participation in oppressive systems.
  • Inclusiveness doesn't automatically happen when we use particular language.

Anti-racism work is a process of breaking the habits we learned before we had the discernment skills to reject them.

We must find our way to hold compassion and accountability in equal measure, both towards ourselves and for the reflections of ourselves that we see in others. This is the challenging bit: If we're merciless in rooting out racism in society as a whole, will we be able to face - and forgive - our own internalized racist behavior? Not likely.

There is a balance that we can achieve. We can learn self-reflective practices that help us navigate where change is warranted. We can trust our nervous system to alert us to legitimate threats rather than rely on the belief (habit) that discomfort equals danger.

We are resilient and flexible enough to do whatever is necessary to create a human culture where everyone (EVERYone) feels equally safe and loved. Sympathy for a situation won't accomplish it. We need to make self-awareness a priority. We must reject our racist habits. Denying that they exist because we're ashamed of them isn't an option.

What does this have to do with the Somatic Therapy services I offer? All of our habits reside in our physical form. The skills one learns through participating in this work are transferable to lessons we learned unwittingly or even in generations past for which we have no context.

I recognized this application quite by accident when I encountered the work of Resmaa Menakem. He gets so many things right, but I didn't realize what was missing until I saw a panel discussion drawing parallels between racism and addiction. Non-melanated (white-bodied) humans do not often honestly assess their own role as a perpetrator of racist behavior. We witness the impact but can’t seem to come to terms with this vulnerable narrative: “Participating in racist behavior is my lived experience.”

As a container for learning, I have composed a workshop outline for intentionally creating a culture of anti-racism among white-bodied communities. I have successfully facilitated this program with one group for a year. And I am gathering a cohort of non-melanated divination practitioners, spiritual guides, and other non-"traditional" healers to begin in September 2021. If you would like to join, please complete the following questionnaire, and I will be in touch. Creating Anti-Racist Culture ~ Divination Cohort

If you’re interested in my facilitating this work with another group in which you're involved, please contact me

You may also consider whole-hearted anti-racist living as a possible "side-effect" of Somatic Therapy when you apply the same concepts to all of your habits equally.