Policies & Hours

Massage Forms

If you have not already done so through the online scheduling system, you will need arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time in order to complete an intake form. Documents will be available in-person. If you do not arrive early, any time needed to complete your paperwork will be deducted from your hands-on session.

Lateness and Cancellations

My massage sessions are for 45, 60, or 90 minutes of hands-on work. If you arrive late, your session will be shortened by the corresponding amount of time, and you will be responsible for the full charge of your scheduled appointment time. The total duration of your appointment time includes consultation, undressing, re-dressing, and check-out in addition to your hands-on session.

I currently do not require a credit card to hold your appointment, but I ask that you give 24-hours' notice for appointment cancellations. If short-notice cancellations become a problem, I reserve the right to require credit card information before booking subsequent appointments and/or charge for missed appointments. You may be held financially responsible for any missed appointments without prior notice or for any cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance.

Important Information

Massage Therapy is for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscular tension, general relaxation, and improvement of circulation.  Massage Therapists do not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental condition; therefore, no conversations or statements made during or relating to our sessions should be construed as such. Massage Therapists neither prescribe medical or pharmaceutical treatment nor perform any spinal adjustments. Professional Massage Therapy is not a substitute for medical or chiropractic treatment. It is recommended for each client to see a physician to verify that there is no medical reason not to receive Massage Therapy and for any physical ailment that may be present.

I maintain a zero-tolarance policy for inappropriate behavior. Any sexual or implied sexual comments or actions will result in immediate termination of the massage session and the client will be responsible for any and all charges in full.

Tuesday 11:00AM - 7:30PM
Wednesday 11:00AM - 7:30PM
Thursday 11:00AM - 7:30PM
Friday 11:00AM - 7:30PM
Saturday 12:00PM - 4:30PM