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Welcome to Living Inspired Wellness  with Trudi Dixon, CST, LMT, where I can help you explore your body's inspiration through Somatic Therapy as bodywork. Compassionate touch (even when offered virtually) is vital to achieving and maintaining wellness, and your body is your guide.

I have been listening to people's bodies as a profession for nearly 20 years. Before then, I had a gift for "reading" body language to hear what people weren't saying out loud. I have combined my training and talents to offer unique services that empower my clients to change their lives.

Touch with voice | Hold with gaze | Carry in heart

When I started my massage career in 2002, I quickly discovered that people were not aware of what was happening in their own bodies. Initially, I was surprised every time I heard someone say, "I was so focused on another body part that I didn't know I had tension elsewhere." Over time, I noticed it was a common theme. By holding space as an objective witness and guide, I help my clients re-connect with everything their bodies already know about being comfortable and healthy.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy helps you recover the use of your inner guidance system in order to live your most authentic life. This will bring ease to your body, which will be reflected out into your world.

You will learn how to:

  • develop a trusting relationship with yourself
  • challenge and shift internalized societal norms with compassion
  • lean into the lessons of resistance
  • discern whether discomfort is growth or danger
  • discover what genuine Truth feels like in your body
  • know your value
  • create your own feelings of safety, even in an unsafe world
  • appreciate being in the now while healing the past and aligning with an easeful future

Side effects may include changes in:

  • physical appearance and sensation
  • posture
  • sleep quality
  • eating habits
  • mood
  • relationships
  • community participation
  • work/vocation/career path
  • conflict resolution capacity

For more about how it works and what's involved in a session, see the Services & Rates page.


Massage Therapy (Service not currently available)

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I have a surprisingly strong but gentle massage technique that is both therapeutic and soothing. It is particularly good for relaxation and stress-relief, relieving tense areas while causing very little discomfort. I use an intuitive approach that finds the tight spots and coaxes them away with just the right amount of pressure. I customize each massage to address the needs of my client: both concerns they were aware of and issues I encounter during the session. Many clients fall asleep during their massage and leave feeling lighter and refreshed.

If you are new to massage, this link provides a general overview about what happens during a session: What to Expect  If you have questions about whether we'd be a good match, I would be happy to discuss your needs with you.

I use all-natural massage oil and gel in my practice. Clients regularly express surprise when I tell them I am using oil and not lotion. That is a testament to how wonderful quality products feel on your skin!

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