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Education and Experience

I graduated from the Virginia School of Massage Professional Massage Therapy Program in 2002. I subsequently obtained my Certification in Massage Therapy from the Virginia Board of Nursing. Since that time, I have taken nearly 200 hours of continuing education classes. In April 2014, I moved to Pennsylvania and received my license to practice massage here.

I began my training in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM) in 2014. This approach integrates a gentle touch and guided sensory awareness with the client dressed comfortably and lying on a massage table. With RSM, one can relieve stress and tension, improve self-awareness, and transform ingrained patterns by accessing the body's innate capacity to heal. I have completed my certification requirements for Somatic Synergy (Level 1) and am nearing completion of my Integrative Synergy (Level 2) coursework.

In July 2016, started expanding my somatic therapy skills through additional training in Transformative Touch through The Somatic Therapy Center and received a Somatic Therapist certification. This modality expands upon what I learned through RSM by incorporating lessons in creating a safe therapeutic space, soul-work, and neurobiology (e.g. Polyvagal theory). The sessions are similar, but the knowledge-base of the therapist is broader.

I have worked in a variety of settings, from clinics to high-end spas, from salons to holistic health centers. My favorite environment is my own space, where I am able to connect with my clients on an individual basis and to share all of the talents I have to offer.

What My Clients Have Been Saying

The comment I've heard the most from my clients is that their massage with me was "just what I needed!" Here are some other client reviews in their own words:

"Some therapists just have that 'touch' and that instinct. It might be a spiritual or just instinctual knowing, and I felt that was what Trudi knew. This was one of my favorite massages I've ever had. It was very relaxing, just the right pressure, and I could tell she knew her stuff. I felt relaxed and left feeling it was a great massage. I will rebook with her for certain! Thanks!" ~ Faith C., CMT and co-worker

"Trudi is an excellent therapist who pays attention to areas of need and provides a consistently wonderful experience from one visit to the next." ~ Kelly H.

"It was my first massage ever, and everything was perfect. I told her when we started that my shoulder and neck were where I would like her to focus, and she did so. I don't remember the last time my shoulders have felt so good." ~ Tony F.

"She has just the right touch. I'm not a fan of a lot of pressure or deep tissue, and Trudi 'gets' that." ~ Teri W.

"Trudi listened to my concerns and focused on the areas that I asked her to work on. She used great techniques, which zeroed in on my problem areas. She made sure the pressure was right, which it was. She found areas that I didn't even know were problems! It was perfect!" ~ Melanie G.

"I've had many massages in a wide range of settings, and Trudi is one of the best. Perfect combination of strokes and pressure and doesn't talk inappropriately or too much." ~ Kelly R.

"She was just awesome. This was my second time at [massage clinic] and by far my best massage! I have had massages at other places as well and this was still my best massage. It is just obvious that she knows what she is doing! Great job!" ~ Lesa K.

"Trudi concentrated on the areas I mentioned, and also put time into areas that I didn't realize needed attention." ~ Laura S.

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